• We are an immigration company that is committed and passionate in helping our clients and their families to overcome  immigration issues, including, but not limited to, providing up to date immigration advice, obtaining visa approvals, preparing documentation, defending clients in jeopardy of deportation, and handling other related legal concerns.
  • We excel at preparing and securing both temporary and permanent permits, visitor, student, and business visas for individuals and corporate clients and liaising with governmental agencies on behalf of the clients.

       WHY US

  • With LM Visa & Immigrations solutions you will not waste time and resources on pursuing the wrong type of visa and receive inaccurate advice or poor application preparation.
  • We know exactly how to help you avoid the pitfalls and common problems that lead to negative results on your application.
  • Our company offers a unique professional immigration consulting services to all our individual clients, and corporate clients at national, and international level
  • We consider it our professional responsibility to analyze and review each case very carefully before representing the client, thereby maintaining individuality and client confidence. 
  • Visa application is not a one-size-fits-all solution and your individual circumstances depict the type of visa application route you should take.  
  • We work closely with you to identify your personal goals and expectation in order to put together an immigration plan that matches your needs.


Lerato mahupela

Lerato Mahupela is a founder and Managing Director of LM Visa & Immigration Solutions. She has over 10 years of experience in the immigration industry.

She previously worked with the Department of Home Affairs for 8 years, during which time she was responsible for immigration at the port of entry, verifying passenger fingerprints for biometrics, assisting in the identification and deportation of illegal foreigners as well as assisting with the planning and coordination of the arrival and departures of VIP’s, VVIP’s, Presidents and Ministers by involving other stakeholders i.e. SAPS, Customs, Department of Health, and the Department of International Relations. 

She has a wealth of experience and understanding in the interpretation of South African immigration law and various directives as well as providing immigration advice and assistance, especially focusing at the practical level of getting applications submitted and approved.

She is highly regarded by most South African Embassies and DIRCO representatives. She holds a BBA degree (cum laude) and Honours degree, Bachelor of Commerce in Law and currently pursuing her LLB Degree. The feeding scheme she runs in her community is her passion..

Contact: lerato@lm-visas.co.za

+27 63 685 4568